Problems with women? Frustrated at work? Suspect you have a mutant power?

Just head down to your local comic book shop and have a chat with the man behind the counter — Kyle Piccolo, the always sardonic, sometimes empathetic, and not quite all-knowing Comic Shop Therapist. Read more...



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3 6 9 - Part Three

The third of a three-episode WATCHMEN miniseries! The end is here and it is explosive! Kyle and Doucheus face the third and final visitor - will they survive the experience? This episode is sponsored by WATCHMEN - - and in honor of the movie release, we've peppered this episode with a bunch of Watchmen references - can you find them all?

Follow these links to watch "3 6 9 - Part One" and "3 6 9 - Part Two", and come back soon to get the latest Kyle Piccolo news and more videos right here at

Episode Credits - KP 203 "3 6 9 - Part Three"

Written and Produced by Alec Pollak, Neil Turitz, Eric Zuckerman and John Cassaday, Created by Turitz and Pollak, Directed by Turitz, Executive Produced by For Your Imagination

Cast Kyle Piccolo - Eric Zuckerman, Doucheus - Matt Klane, Laura - Jennifer Spragg

Crew Director of Photography - Jon Johnnidis, Lighting - Dylan Lappin, Matt Matossian , Sound - Matt Matossian, Production Assistants - Jessie Cervantes, Meredith Wade,   Editor - Mark Johnnidis

Music by Joseph Saba and Videohelper - Shot on location at Midtown Comics, NYC

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